5 Ways to Prepare for Disaster Before It Happens

5 Ways to Prepare for Disaster Before It Happens

No matter what part of the country you live in, whether you live in town, in the country, or on the mountainside... disaster can strike at any time.

Tornadoes, floods, fires, hurricanes, power outages... let me just put on my tin foil hat and say grid failure. LOL

Having a plan and being prepared for these situations is never a bad idea. Especially if you have a family or animals you have to take care of.

Here's my best tips for putting together a "preparedness kit" so you can be better equipped for whatever might come your way!


1. Get together basic emergency supplies... water & food for several days, flashlights, first aid kits, towelettes, a small tool kit or multitool, whistle to signal for help, animal food

2. Have easy access to prescription medication and OTC meds: Be sure to have mandatory medications on hand as well as tylenol and asprin on hand to help in situations where swelling or heart attacks or other emergent pain me be present.

3. Think about adding in non-essentials that may add comfort to your situation: cash, eye glasses, warm clothes and sleeping bags, change of clothes, matches and lighters, feminine products, toilet paper, paper and pencil, board games or card games.

4. Include important documents: Insurance paperwork, identification, medical records, family records, wills, deeds, bank info, tax records, etc.

5. Discuss emergency plans with family/loved ones: Make an emergency plan with relatives to host your/your family outside of the affected disaster zone in case you need to evacuate in a hurry.

Some of you (especially in hurricane and tornado areas) are probably very well experienced in being prepared for disasters. This is just a basic list of things to think about so that you are prepared BEFORE disaster strikes.

I like to say "it's best to prepare for the worst and plan for the best than prepare for the best and experience the worst."

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