5 Ways to Increase Personal Safety Through Situational Awareness

5 Ways to Increase Personal Safety Through Situational Awareness

As a father of four young kids, personal safety for not only them, but also myself is at the forefront of my priorities. I not only practice situational awareness to protect them, but I am also teaching them this skillset as they are old enough the understand as well.

I figured, if I'm teaching them these things, why not share them with you?

So... here are my top 5 tips for building situational awareness to increase your personal safety.

1. Eliminate distractions... this could be scrolling on your phone as you walk down a street, it could be rummaging for your car keys in your purse as you walk to your car. Point is, you should keep your head up and be alert.

2. Know where your exits are: If you are in a dangerous situation it is important to know how to escape a building in an emergency. It is also a good idea to face the exit in a restaurant so you can watch for potential threats.

3. Use Peripheral Vision: Whether you are just walking, putting groceries in the car, or buckling your child into their car seat, make sure you are able to watch for potential threats out of the corner of your eye.

4. Create Personal Space: If someone seems suspicious or makes you feel uncomfortable, create distance between them and yourself - minimum 5-6 feet. This will allow for some reaction time, and will help allow you to determine whether they are a threat or not.

5. Walk with Confidence: Attackers will more often target those who look/seem vulnerable. If you are walking without confidence and awareness, if you are intoxicated, or you look like you lack the capability to protect yourself, you may be considered an "easy target".

Unfortunately, we live in a world where you can never be too sure what lies around the corner.

However, practicing situational awareness, learning self-defense, and getting set up to carry a firearm are all measures you can take to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

And that's what we at Northwest Retention Systems aim to help with!

Make sure to keep us in mind when looking for holsters and belts to keep you moving through life with confidence in your personal safety!

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