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Why You Should Use an EDC Belt When Concealed Carrying

If you have ever concealed carried, then you know that one of the biggest challenges to overcome is finding a good belt to support your gun and holster. Not only does your belt need to keep the holster firmly in place on your body, but it also needs to support the weight of your handgun, extra magazines, knife, and other tools you may carry daily. This ensures you aren’t walking around readjusting your gear, it ensures you are comfortable, and it ensures you are able to quickly draw your firearm when you need to. Keep reading to learn what a good EDC belt consists of and what belt we recommend for EDC here at NW Retention.

What Does a Good EDC Belt Consist Of?

Most belts are not optimized to carry weight; they are designed to keep your pants up! When I first started carrying a sidearm on my hip, I quickly realized that no matter how tight I adjusted my belt, my holster still moved around, my belt sagged, my gun dug into my side or abdomen, and it wasn't as "concealed" as I'd like it to be.
A good gun belt will be stiff enough that it won't compress from the height of the belt, yet it will flex enough to remain comfortable. These belts are designed is to carry your sidearm without it moving, so you don't have to keep adjusting where it sits. Keeping your gun and gear tight to your body helps make your concealed carry discreet and allows you to effectively draw your gun when you need to.
If you’re going to use your EDC belt for both concealed carrying and for regular purpose, look for a hybrid model that is extra wide in order to help distribute weight evenly around your waist, is extremely durable so it can withstand putting on and taking off holster clips or loops, and can be easily taken on and off or adjusted to your desired tightness.

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What makes the BELT superior to other EDC belts on the market?

When we were working to develop the best EDC belt on the market, we found a lot of other belts were made with material that was not durable/sturdy enough or they were made with material that was way too thick or bulky. Our competitors' belts were also often hard to adjust and tighten to your perfect fit, had buckles that wore out or malfunctioned, or were too rigid and uncomfortable to encourage everyday wear.
The BELT is made out of a low-profile rubber-coated webbing. It rolls and flexes incredibly, making it extremely comfortable, but it does not compress from the height of the belt, which allows it to hold weight extremely well. Paired with a velcro adjustment strap and a compact, strong, and easy-to-use G-hook buckle, the BELT is easily hooked and unhooked without the pain of unthreading a belt tail.
Basically, we build the BELT so you could have your cake and eat it too.


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(Article written by Maranda Hough)


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