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Struggling with your conceal carry???

It been a problem for us all. It can be difficult to form carry around our daily lives. in and out of vehicles, good public concealment and general discomfort. 

I understand.

We designed the Outlaw series to tackle comfort, concealment and reliability in one concise package. The feature below shows what pain points we solved

- Curved design with belt wings for a snug fit to the body.
- Full coverage of trigger guard on both sides.
- Easy adjustment of retention strength and holster ride height.
- Positive 'click' retention.

PLUS that leather backing for perfect comfort! 

Traditional holsters do not accommodate the above features ALL together. 

Satisifaction is guarunteed or your money back. American made in the great state of Montana. 

No BS - UNLIMITED Warranty

*holster are made custom to fit and to order. 

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